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Gove Diary - November 1861


November 1 to 9th:
Awaiting to get my appointment from Gov. Andrew. Today I got it at the Adjutant General office. Went to Elwood and was sworn in & c. - When I closed my old journal I brought it down to my arrival in Washington. Since my arrival the 19th of October I have not been well. Finally on the evening of Wednesday the 6th ? - I had one of those neuralgia attacks in the back and kidneys. Cupping relieved me at once. I am now under treatment of Dr Pope (?).

November 10th Sunday:

November 11th Monday:
Wrote Col. Griswold to send me a wagon to take my baggage to camp tomorrow. Mrs. G. and the children will go to Concord and I expect to go to camp.

November 12th Tuesday:
Mrs. G. and children left this morning for Concord and New York on the 6 am train. It was hard to leave them especially as I was sick. It betrayed my weakness when I parted from them for usually I can curtain my feelings to a remarkable degree. But when I kissed them and ? away from them I wept like a child. I had no strength or control to restrain my tears. God keep them and preserve them on their journey.

November 13th Wednesday:
Today I left Washington and came over the river. It is one of the pleasantest days I have enjoyed for many days. Judge More took me over in a buggy. Last night I hired a servant by the name of "Harry" Tilmen - black boy. ? well recommended. Gave him $10 per month and board him. If he is what I want the price is reasonable. I have "May?" and "Ned" two old and staunch friends. I received a letter tonight from town. Tomorrow I shall assume command. The band has been playing in front of my tent this evening. Wrote my wife but think I dated the letter the 15th.

November 14th Thursday:
I slept quite well last night until near morning when my feet became cold and thn the rest of the night I passed unhappily. Regiment detailed to cut timber for a grand review of 60,000 men.
Today I assumed command of the Regiment. I had a touch of a head-ache which was caused by drinking chocolate. I have taken most religiously my medicine today. Raining this afternoon.

November 15th Friday:
Raining this morning. No details for fatigue. I have today prepared a circular which tomorrow I shall publish. ? the duties of officers and soldiers. This forenoon I went over and saw General Porter. Met General Martindale and Butterfield. Had a talk with "Lily John". Towards night it cleared up and had a dress parade. Major Tilton commanding. Last night I went to bed about 11 feeling quite well. Now 10pm. Received letter from my wife. She and the children were in New York. Wrote Len yesterday and day before. I hav just written another. Reverand Mr. McCormack just joined.

November 16th Saturday:

Last night ? where frozen. It was bleak and disagreeable all day. Colonel Wilson has been out and reports the capture of Mason and Slidel and are now at Fortress Monroe.

8pm Bleak and windy. Today I floored my tent and am much more comfortable.

November 17th Sunday:
Last night about 11 I received an order to inspect the 18th Mass. Colonel Barnes and Lt. Colonel Moynahan to inspect the 22d at 9 am. I went over and met these gentlemen and made a thorough inspection. I was at dress parade and the regiment was free. Slidel and Mason taken prisoner.

November 18th Monday:
Today I made my report of Inspection of the 18th Mass. Vols. Copy M letter book: Brigade Drill Major Tilton commanding. No letters tonight. Colonel Griswold gone to town. Yesterday Lt. Fuller reported as QuarterMaster of teh 22d Regiment.

November 19th Tuesday:
Great preparations are being made for the review. Drill/Brigade today forenoon and afternoon. Colonel G came home tonight. I did not go to the drill today as I was not well. Review tomorrow.

November 20th Wednesday:
I mounted the Guard at 7 1/2 am. Line formed at 8 and marched to Brigade Ground left in front. I had 800 men and was the largest regiment on the ground I believe: with a good band we made a fine display. That the review was a success no one can doubt. There was between 90 and 100 regiments on the field and I think it safe that there were 60,000 soldiers on the field, probably more. General McClellan was attended by the President, Secretary Steward and several notables and about 100 others of staff and invited guests. We were formed in Battalion in mass by Divisions and closely packed. General McClellan rode around them all. The review terminated at about 4 o'clock and everyone was well satisfied. We got home about 5 o'clock. I got cold of course having no overcoat. My regiment looked finely and marched in the best order by division at half distances. Our field officers saluted other staff officers saluted ith the hand. Tomorrow is "Thanksgiving".

November 21st Thursday:
Last night I wrote a note to General Martindale requesting the privilege to celebrate the day to an appropriate manner. He assented and in the morning I order the regiment to parade at 9 1/2. The adjutant read the General Order from Adjutant General Schouler the proclamation and my order in which I suspended all duties except the Guard mounting and necessary fatigue. The men cheered and marched to their quarters. Most of the companies had a dinner and enjoyed themselves very much. Colonel Wilson and a Mr. Mitchel of teh New York Times came out about 2 pm and took dinner with us. Colonel Wilson had previously sent us a pair of chickens and also the same to the company officers. A Mr. White of Boston was here and brought us a Turkey beautifully roasted at Parker's in Boston. So altogther we had a sumptuous entertainment. Colonel Wilson and friend left about 4 1/2. I had no dress parade and the men had one of their own and it was very amusing. They closed the days performance by a dance on the parade ground.

Tonight I have symptoms of Neuralgia in the back. About 9 1/2 I put the cups on and was relieved. Got letter enclosing my comission from my wife. Wrote her.

November 22nd Friday:
Last night I was relived by the cups. I slept poorly through the night. Today had skirmish drill and Brigade drill in the afternoon. I commanded the regiment and it did very well. Got home about dark. I fell quiet well. Lt. Paine of teh Engineers, who has a brother, captain, in the regiment called to see me. No letters tonight.

November 23rd Saturday:
Cloudy and rainy. Major Holman, Paymaster, arrived and the regiment is to be paid off. I have published an order to suspend all drill & c. Much dissatisfaction exists among the officers and men in regards to the pay. Still rainy and cold.

November 24th Sunday:
Company inspection. Troops still being paid off. Dr. Warren and myself made a thorough inspection of company tents, grounds, kitchens, & c. &c.? very bad. It will take the entire day with pay off.

November 25th Monday:
Yesterday John Wilson, Abel Hutchins and Ed Abbot and Mr. Thompson called on me. Colonel Wilson was here also. Today I commenced target practice, the two flank companies fired at the first distances. After drilling about one hour this afternoon I received an order t go on Brigade drill. When I got there I found myself in command of the Brigade. I had no difficulty in the matter. 10 pm. No mail yet.

November 26th Tuesday:

No Brigade drill. Just as I was closing my afternoon drill, an order came to hold my regiment in readiness to march at a moments notice. I prepared them by slinging blankets and canteens filled with water and slept on our arms and shall all night. Rebels of cavalry attacked near Vienna and some are killed and missing. Several regiments move to the front among them teh 17th New York in the rear of me.

November 27th Wednesday:
Nothing occurred during last night. Rainy today. Judge More came out today. I have been busy with papers and & c. today.

November 28th Thursday:
New Hampshire and New York Thanksgiving. Had a Brigade drill. I am invited to General Martindale with my field officers to dinner at 5 pm. Shall go. Not very well today.

November 29th Friday:
Lieut. ?, Colonel Griswold and myslef (Major Tilton on picket) went to General Martindales to dine. Colonel Barnes, Roberts, Major Savage 25th New York, Lt. Colonel 2d Maine, Major Hayes 18th Mass. and the General's personal staff had a very pleasant party. I think one of the pleasantest I have past since I have been in Virginia. After I got home I was attacked with Neuralgia in the back. I had it before I left the Generals. I put cups on but at first I was not relieved. About 11 Dr. Prince came and out them on again and I was relieved. Today I feel quite sore. Got a letter from Mrs. Gove. Charlie was much better.

November 30th Saturday:
Last night it rained excessively. I slept very well having retired at an early hour. Today I am having a furnace in my back tent so to have a more graduated heat. My labor is still very hard both night and day. A private in Company "B" Captain Wardwell died last night of Typhoid fever. His name is Frank Brown from Northfield, Mass. He has been embalmed and put in a metallic coffin and will be buried tomorrow. Made the inspection orders. No marching orders.


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