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Woburn Weekly Budget - August 4, 1861



Woburn has sent a company into camp. Though not large in numbers, the Woburn Union Guard determined to go into camp if they could be recieved and recruit on the field. This course was necessary because of the doubt in regards to the companys' going. Many said, if the Guard could get into camp, they would join them, as they would then be certain that a Woburn company would go to war. Strong efforts were made to get a position in some regiment, and they were finally successful.


Capt. Thompson procured and order on Monday from the proper authorities, attaching his command the the 19th regiment, now in camp in Lynnfield. A meeting of the company was held Monday evening, and unanimously decided to go into camp Wednesday. At the meeting of the company held Tuesday evening, the committee having in charge the uniforms subscribed for by the citizens were present and offered the use of the uniforms to the Guards, until such time as the State shall furnish them with a uniform. The offer was accepted and thirty uniforms were filled. The Guard numbers now about forty men, but all were not able to go at the time appointed and another squad will probably be sent down to join their comrades in arms.

Wednesday noon the company assembled in Town Hall, which has been used as a drill hall for the past week, and from there marched directly to the depot where they took the cars for Boston at 1.15. A large concourse of citizens followed the soldiers to the depot, and gave them siz rousing cheers, which were replied to with a will. This is the first detachment of soldiers from Woburn that has left town as a company, and it will be considerably increased by Woburn men before the 19th leaves for war. The Woburn Union Guard is now known as Co. K. 19th Mass. Regiment, and the following is a list of the men who went off on Wednesday:


Captain - Samuel I. Thompson
First Lieutenant - John P. Crane
Privates -

Wm. R. Bennett
James Burns II
S. Choate
C. Connelly
C. S. Dean
R. M. Dennett
G. W. Eustiss
K. L. Flint
P. W. Gorham
Wm. Gillespie
E. Hackett
S. Hines
Wm. Hodson
James Ingalls
John McKeon
J. Moriarty
Chas. Merriam
R. Maxfield
Thomas Murray
Thomas Merrill
Thomas O'Connor
Daniel C. Porter
Joshua Rundle
M. M. Smith
Thomas Smith
John E. Thayer
Frank Thompson
Morton Wade


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