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The Battle of Gaines Mill

Posted by webguy on Thursday 20 December 2012

The Battle of Gaines Mill -- 27 June 1862

On this day exactly 150 years ago -- June 27 1862-- the original 22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry were engaged at Gaines Mill. The 22nd MVI were kept in reserve through much of the fight. When having exhausted their 60 rounds of ammunition, the 2nd Maine and 13th New York collapsed in front of them to the rebel onslaught, the 22nd MVI was struck by superior numbers from three sides. In the brief moments of battle, the 22nd MVI lost half it's strength, including Colonel Jesse Gove and Captain John Dunning.Regimental historian John Parker reflected that "It was a sad night for the Twenty-second. Not a man but had lost a comrade, for one half of those who marched in the morning were no longer in the ranks."Drum-Major Marshall Pike penned the following verse to fallen Gove:

"He sleeps where the blest of our glorious dead Were left on the sacred land; Where to daring deeds, ere his spirit fled, He led with a bold command. He sleeps; yes, he sleeps undisturbed by war, Though traitors tramp over his breast, And with those who slumber in glory afar, He takes an immortal rest."

This day, in their honor. The tally by numbers: Wounded & Taken Prisoner -- 55 Wounded -- 31 Taken Prisoner -- 122 Killed: 71 Col. Jesse Gove Capt. John Dunning Lts. George Gordon, Thomas Salter Sergeants Charles Carr, Josiah Stratton J, David Philbrook Corps. Charles Jordan, Ariel Crowell Jr. Jeremiah Dalton 2nd, Francis Thompson Privates John Brown, Nathan Carter, John Choate, John Coates, George Cook, Jesse French, Charles Griffin, Edward Hogan, Jeremiah O'Brien, Henry Phelps, Jonathan Procter, Thomas Richards, Timothy Sweeney, Adolphus Carter, Peter Dodge, William Johnson, William Smith, Albert Wood, John Wood, John Green, Elisha Harridon, Joseph Howard, Sidney Copeland, George Huntington, Andrew McIntire, Thomas Tolman, Amos Whittaker, Parker Wright, Edwin Chase, James Chadduck, Joseph Gorse, William McGlinchy, Charles Murphy, Joseph Merriman, George Mortimer, Timothy Barry, Moses Bullard, Benjamin Gunnison, Michael Murphy, William Nowell, George Wilmarth, George Chase, Benjamin Floyd, William Frye, Simon John, Charles Ward, George Webster, Eugene Eaton, Alexander Fogg, Edward Ward, Paul Greenwood, John Collins, Frank Fuller, Walter Glover, William Quigley, Oscar Quimby, Charles Sander, Nathan Stone, David Wilson

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