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Plans for Rick's Wake

ATTENTION COMPANY! Word has just been forwarded from Capt. Fraine regarding the wake and funeral for Sgt. Major Rick Janhola. The wake will be Thursday night from 4:00PM to 8:00PM at Shepard funeral Home, 7 Mattakesett Street in Pembroke. In accordance with Louise Janhola's wishes, the 22nd will post uniformed guards at the entrance to the funeral home on either side of the entrance door and we will rotate them frequently. Uniformed reenactors are welcome and will be set-up on the side of the room. At the end of the night and after the family has paid their respects, the 22nd and any other reenactors in attendance will form up for a walk through and final salute. The uniform will be forage caps, sack coat, infantry trousers, waist belt only. No muskets, haversacks, canteens, cap pouches, cartridge boxes or bayonets

Please let us know if you will be able to show up and participate as an honor guard so we can set a rotation schedule. Please show up with polished brass and waist belt only (no cap pouches, cartridge box or bayonet scabbard) . If you have a dress uniform, please wear it

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